Property Maintenance

Greenwood is fully setup to offer any level of service to assist in the upkeep of your gardens and property.

  • Property Maintenance
    Property Maintenance
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There are regular tasks that need to be done to protect and maintain your property

From mulching to driveway repair, Greenwood is equipped to handle any task.

Garden Care

Services include:

  • Soil improvement
  • Garden bed restoration or remodelling, and supplemental plantings
  • Mulching, pruning, weeding and fertilizing
  • Pest and disease monitoring
  • Spring bulb and annual plantings
  • Lawn care and Irrigation management
  • Plant/tree health care and pest control
  • Property and grounds maintenance and spring and fall cleanup

Property Services

Services include:

  • Irrigation systems, installation and repair
  • Water feature, maintenance, openings and closings
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Pool maintenance, openings and closings
  • Deck maintenances or enhancements
  • Pergolas, pavillions, arbors
  • Decorative screens or other shade features
  • Fencing and gate updates or maintenance

Snow Removal / Ice Management

Snow and ice removal services are available for:

  • schools
  • municipal buildings
  • shopping malls
  • corporate parking lots
  • pedestrian walkways
  • residential driveways

Landscape Repairs

Services include:

  • Driveway and pathway repairs
  • Deck and Fence mending
  • Pool structural repairs
  • Grading and drainage improvements
  • Parging and concrete repairs


Our all season services include:

  • Water / irrigation systems
  • Public, school and municipal gardens and lawn care
  • Business and retail landscaping maintained
  • Spring and fall grounds clean-up
  • Driveway / pathway repairs
  • Plant/tree health care
  • Soil improvement
  • Mulching, pruning, weeding
  • Pool maintenance, opening and closings
  • Water feature opening and closings
  • Lawn care
  • Pest and disease control
  • Deck and fencing enhancements or mending
  • Snow plowing and removal for schools, businesses, public buildings, shopping malls, residences


Your All Season Landscaper

For professional assistance, call:


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M-F 9am - 5pm

Highly variable and weather dependent.

Additional Services

  • Property Consulting
  • Tree and Plant Care
  • Hardscape Repair
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Municipal Playgrounds and Parks
  • Business and Retail Landscaping
  • In-ground Pools
  • Water Features
  • Shade Structures
  • Grading and Drainage


Hi Ian, I just wanted to reiterate what I said to you in person. The job you have done on our entrance and driveway far exceeds our expectations. Also, I was very impressed with all of your staff working onsite.

Ian was very prompt in replying. He came and talked and planned extensively with us. Once the crew began work they were most considerate of our property.

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